BOE-S2082 – How to Escape the Owner Prison with Richard Walsh

//BOE-S2082 – How to Escape the Owner Prison with Richard Walsh

Show Notes

Welcome to another edition of the Business Owner Elevation podcast! Today, we are delighted to have another expert on our show. A best-selling author of the Escape The Owner Prison: The Contractors new way to scale, regain control, and fast track growth while loving life, we have Richard Walsh. Richard is a very talented man who is also a speaker, business coach, and host of the ETOP podcast. He also created ETOP Academy where business owners can learn how to profitably scale their business without sacrificing income, family life, and freedom to what they really want. 

The interview started as Richard explained what death grip in terms of business. It is doing and controlling everything in your business without proper delegation of work. Our host Leon, also got his fair share of experience when he started to have a coach at the age of 28. He also then asked Richard, what should be the first thing to do to escape the death grip where Richard gladly answered that as a business owner, you have to look at the organization or the people within. Then, ask yourself what really burdens you as a business owner and you have to start learning to get other people to do things better than you do. Start delegating work to lighten your burden as a business owner.

Richard also shared his highs and lows in business and some of his realizations. When he started to look back at what were the steps that caused him to fail, he realized that he doesn’t have any exit strategy. Want to know more about this? Stay tuned and as we unravel some experiences that made us who we really are today. Join us as we share more tips that will help you in leading your business to success. Enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • What is a Death Grip?
  • The first step on how to escape the death grip
  • The importance of knowing your burden
  • How Richard survived the tough times as a business owner
  • What is an exit strategy? 
  • The importance of preparations in your business

Success Quotes

“And you have to start learning to get other people who do things better than you do in those positions. You got to get them on the team.” -Richard

“The more I’ve developed myself, you know, the personal development and growth of my businesses, the more I realized to let go, and like you say, start employing your first person.” -Leon

“There’s a lot of little things in business that you need to have in place to survive the tough times.” -Richard

“Everything comes to an end. Unless you’re prepared.” -Richard

“You have to build a business as attractive to a buyer. Otherwise, you’re just going to close the door, lock it for the last time and throw away the key.” -Richard

“The biggest thing is to be willing to accept help.” -Richard

“I learned not to have my identity in my business.” -Richard



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