BOE-S2086 – How to Live Your Life with Passion with Joey Drolshagen

//BOE-S2086 – How to Live Your Life with Passion with Joey Drolshagen

Show Notes

Welcome to another edition of the Business Owner Elevation podcast! I am delighted to share with you this episode with another incredible person. Our guest for today is a master empowerment coach, an author, and a professional keynote speaker, we have Joey Drolshagen. He spent decades traveling the USA, helping individuals move past their fears and into creating a life of total freedom. It is really possible especially with Joey guiding you. He allows his clients to achieve more success and freedom on their own terms. 

We started this interview with a bit of a wonderful introduction about Joey. He openly shared his past that made him what he is right now. His parents became one of his motivations and inspiration in creating the vision he wants for himself. He started to realize what he really wanted for himself and fear did not stop him from achieving success. Also, he listened to Jack Boland and it ignited a passion in his heart to inspire, motivate, and lead people to live better lives.

As the interview progressed, Joey also shared tips on how to reignite passion and enable vision. Stay tuned and get those precious nuggets of gold!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • A short introduction about Joey
  • How a proper mindset can lead you to total freedom and success
  • How fear influences our decisions and holds us back
  • Major breakpoints in Joey’s life and how he conquered it
  • Joey’s mission and vision in helping millions of people
  • How to reignite and be cleared on your vision

And many more!

Success Quotes

“The only thing that ever limits us is our thinking.” -Joey

“When we understand that we’re not victims of circumstances, situations, and conditions, then we can always have the power to do something differently.” -Joey

“All I really feel is stepping outside of our comfort zone. It’s stepping outside of our patterns, our paradigms, which are habits of belief are our habits and our conditioning.” – Joey

“And that’s how fear is. It will be the greatest right before our stepping off period.” -Joey

 “It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, where you come from, your bank account, your education, none of that what you’ve done, none of that matters. All that really matters to bring about that life that you most desire is a clear understanding of where you are right now and a clear understanding of where you want to be.” -Joey

“Notice the words that you speak. Yeah. And the thoughts that you choose to entertain” -Joey

Books recommended by Joey

The Untethered Soul

Think and Grow Rich

Other Resources

Jack Boland

Wayne Dyer

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