BOE-S2092 – How to Generate 700 Leads In 3days & Why Most Coaches Fail At Lead Gen

//BOE-S2092 – How to Generate 700 Leads In 3days & Why Most Coaches Fail At Lead Gen

Show Notes

Welcome to another insightful show of the Business Owner Elevation podcast! Another bucket of wisdom for all coaches, experts, and consultants out there! In today’s show, I will be giving a glimpse of what I share with my clients. This involves generating new leads, not a hundred, not even two hundred but 700 leads in just 2 days! And also I will be sharing with all of you 4 key steps that should be included in your post on social media and a whole lot more! Stay tuned!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Getting new leads using different social media platforms – organic marketing
  • SECRET!!!! To be revealed on how you can generate 15 times more leads
  • The 4 key steps that must be included in your social media post
  • The importance of knowing where your audience is and their emotions
  • The power of right messaging in social media

Success Quotes

“If you can’t generate new leads your business will suffer.”

“We are triggered by our desires.”

“Most coaches, most consultants, most experts, they understand that social media is something that they must take on. An activity that must be involved in order to generate leads.”

“When you get your lead generation right, you get qualified leads.”

“You must understand who your message is really for. You must include emotion.”


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