BOE-S2094 – Q&A: Marketing Lies That Are Killing Your Coaching Business

//BOE-S2094 – Q&A: Marketing Lies That Are Killing Your Coaching Business

Show Notes

Welcome to another insightful show of Business Owner Elevation podcast! This is going to be another interesting show for everyone. It is a very intriguing topic for us because I will be sharing with you different marketing lies that are killing your coaching business. This might be used by other business owners unintentionally or you might encounter it. I will be sharing some scenarios of these marketing lies and how you are going to protect yourself from these lies. It is best to stay tuned and let everything unfold!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • How to tell if it is a lie
  • The different aspects of lies that you might or already experience
  • How lies can affect your business
  • What to do to protect yourself from these lies?
  • The importance of identifying what is best for your business
  • The impact of having a trusted coach or mentor in your business

Success Quotes

“When you’re doing things from a place of ethics and morals and values then you’re usually on the right path.”

“Whenever you come across a product where  you are looking to purchase or a service, just look at what the terms are and make sure you are clear on getting into.”

‘It takes a lifetime to create a reputation and a second for it to be ruined.”

“You just simply need to figure out where you get the best engagement, the best leads from, and show up there with your message.”

“If you’re in business, you need to sell.”

“The more you become better at spotting what lies are going on, the faster your business will accelerate.”


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