E3-024 – 23 Reasons Why Coaches Want To…

Below is 23 reasons why coaches, Authors, Speakers & Seminar Promoters like working us. (Also, private clients who run multi million pound businesses) Decide for Yourself... You may be GOOD FIT for working with us... If you hate selling but want more clients If you're clueless about funnels If you're stuck with the best way [...]

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E3-022 – The Smoking Guns Of The Marketing Mafia

Recently the BOE team was invited to a corporate day shooting pigeons made out of the clay. Something none of the team had experienced before. We arrived at he venue promptly & the first order of business was devouring breakfast. Whilst tucking into our butties... We got into conversations about life, family, business and of [...]

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E3-021 – Jamming In The Square

A few weeks back I was jamming away with thousands of revelers in Victoria Square Birmingham, celebrating the 55th anniversary of Jamaica's Independence from the U.K It was 72 Hours of carnival vibes. The tiny island of Jamaica only spans 142 miles in length and is 50 miles wide with a population of 2.8 Million but [...]

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E3-020 – Why I Say Screw Social Media Etiquette

I'm unsure who coined the phrase social media Methinks… renaming it to stalker media or troll media or even sensational media would be more apt. I see many hostile people on these so called friendly platforms.... It appears people get bent out of shape when you try to be hospitable or dare I say sociable. [...]

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E3-019 – The Marketing Muscle Of (Ghost And Tommy)!

I bet you never thought of your business the way I've outlined it in today's email... Warning: This Is just an analogy!! ---------------------------------------------------------------- One of my favourite dramas on the silver screen is >>>>>>>>>> Power. The main characters in the show are Ghost And Tommy. Ghost appears to have it all, a hot wife, Manhattan [...]

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E3-018 – 3 Marketing Lesson From Mayweather VS McGregor super fight

You may detest two men trying to knock each other's block off under the queensberry rules of boxing but just follow my lead on this one... This super fight has caught the imagination of fight fans like no other in history of boxing because the two fighters are both cocky! Both fighters talk a good [...]

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E3-013 – A YouTube Night In With Dr Wayne Dyer

Recently Leon and myself did a podcast interview with a UK based film director Aysha Scott…. We asked her this question... What book or audio resource would you recommend to our audience the Elevation Nation? She replied.. I'm more of a visual learner so I can’t recommend a book but I’ll recommend a movie by [...]

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E3-012 – Do You Have The Mental Toughness of Buck?

From time to time I like to watch rugby. Well, it is a proper man's sport if you now what I mean. I was tuning into the most recent Lions Vs All Blacks series when the sport presenters were discussing a former New Zealand rugby great... Wayne Shelford AKA "Wayne Buck Rogers" His story about [...]

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E3-011 – Vortex Cures Migraines

Not sure if you've ever suffered from migraines but I know people who have and it can wipe you out for LONG periods. According to the medical establishment, the true cause is not known, yet it’s thought that abnormal brain activity is causing your nerve signals, chemicals and blood to bounce around like a pinball [...]

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