E3-011 – Vortex Cures Migraines

Not sure if you've ever suffered from migraines but I know people who have and it can wipe you out for LONG periods. According to the medical establishment, the true cause is not known, yet it’s thought that abnormal brain activity is causing your nerve signals, chemicals and blood to bounce around like a pinball [...]

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E3-010 – To Be Or Not To Be A Super Coach

I would like to Jump into Q&A session with You This will prove useful or “contrarian”... Con!!!... “What did you say?”.. Contrarian = Different to the status quo Let me touch on a few recycled questions we here all the time from coaches in the expert space... First question Q: I hate selling, if I [...]

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E3-009 – The Magic Photo Booth

Jordane Skye is my teenage Daughter... We were having one of our daddy daughter chats… Which went like this [Jordane] “Dad do you remember I'm going to Paris this month on a school trip.” [Me] “No baby I thought it was next month… LOL [Jordane ] “I’m going to enhance my French speaking skills, embrace [...]

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E3-008 – The one that slipped through the net

Watch out for this Guy Steve Bartlett came onto my radar appropriately 2 Years ago whilst I was broadcasting on the now defunct social media platform blab. My intuition was right, there was something that indicated this young guy was on a mission He’s arguably europe's Number 1 disruption marketer with his business social chain. [...]

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E3-007 – Why You Need to be Narrow Minded Coach

Ignore this to your Peril… As a coach you'll win big if you become more Narrow Minded (in your marketing approach) Many coaches fall into the trap of trying to be all things to all people and then fail spectacularly in attracting & enrolling clients. When coaches become laser focused an amazing chain reaction of [...]

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E3-006 – Not quite sleepless In Seattle

More Like sleepless in the "black country" Yep as you know once in awhile you have to lose sleep when building a business. This tends to happen when you have a pressing deadline for projects. Well it’s no different in the BOE Headquarters.. Our team was retained to produce SALES copy for a product launch [...]

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E3-005 – Founder The Movie (Part 3)

Now, if you’ve missed the last two e-mails I highly recommend you catch up before diving into today’s serving… Click here to bring yourself up to speed. Part 1 ---> https://www.businessownerelevation.com/e3-003-founder-the-movie-part-1/ Part 2 ---> https://www.businessownerelevation.com/e3-004-founder-the-movie-part-2/ How would you describe the business McDonald’s are In? I hazard a guess most people will say fast food business, [...]

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E3-004 – Founder The Movie (Part 2)

(If you missed the last e-mail, before diving in below catch up on part 1 by clicking below) ---> https://www.businessownerelevation.com/e3-003-founder-the-movie Ray Kroc was working as a salesman selling milk shake mixers to the fast food industry across the entire USA driving hundreds of miles per day pitching his products.. While watching the movie I noticed [...]

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E3-003 – Lessons from: Founder The Movie

Michael Keaton is a stellar Actor Probably best know for his roles in Beetle Juice, Batman, Jackie brown, Desperate Measures and a host of other movies I can’t recall. But in his latest flick The Founder He has the leading role playing Ray Kroc.. The Guy who turned McDonald's into Household Food institution. The story [...]

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E3-002 – 10x Your WAY To A Million Quid

10 X Baby That catchphrase in recent times has become synonymous with world renowned trainer businessman and his motley crew of salesman Grant Cardone. In fact... I've had the distinct pleasure of interviewing him on the SB Elevation Podcast and Leon has met him personally in Miami. Top Guy.. Have you ever wanted a simple [...]

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