Show Notes In this episode of Marketing Wednesdays with Leon, you will learn how to attract the right audience and get them to your own niche. If you are in the business of selling and you are not transacting money, you don’t have a business. It is important that [...]

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BOE-S2008 – How To Deal With Toxic People When Running Your Business

Show Notes Dealing with toxic people is very hard, all the more when the toxic people around you are close to you, like family or close friends.  They are really close to you, you don't even acknowledge that there is something bad going on and so you put up [...]

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BOE-S2007 – 5 Steps to MORE Leads with Facebook Ads for Business Owners

Show Notes Do you get frustrated when running Facebook ads and not getting to your target audience? Are you spending a lot on Facebook ads but you are not getting leads and generating conversions? The reality is that a lot of initial Facebook Ads budgets can be lost if [...]

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BOE-S2006 – Failure and recently Failing!

Show Notes When we see the word FAILURE, it is already big, but complement it with FEAR, that’s even bigger. Failure is a very difficult experience to get your grips with because of all the emotions involved like shame, guilt and so much more, that makes you turn to [...]

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BOE-S2005 – How to Increase Your Income During Recession Using These 3 Steps

Show Notes Despite the talks about recession, depression, and contractions, a lot of businesses are going through difficult times but still thrive.  How does a business owner like you survive, and thrive, during a recession? In this episode, I will be sharing three actionable steps you can start doing [...]

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BOE-S2004 – How Business Owners Can Setup Their Week Ahead for Success

Show Notes As humans, we are wired for negativeness. Do you believe that? According to a study in 2005 done by the  National Science Foundation, an average person has about 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts each day and 80% of those thoughts are negative. So how can we plan our [...]

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BOE-S2003 – Case Study: How I Helped My Client to Achieve £100k in Sales From a £27 Online Course in 11 Months

Show Notes Coming out of the social lockdown that we have experienced in the last months is like stepping in a new dawn. People have adapted and now we are on the move to execute on innovation and ideas. Pivot we must! In this Livestream episode, we are going [...]

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BOE-S2002 – Entrepreneur Sunday Mornings, Live with Leon

Show Notes Challenges are to be expected! As the world is being challenged now because of the pandemic and we feel the effects of the lockdown on the economy, we need to adapt fast in order to thrive, in order to go beyond the challenges, in order to succeed. [...]

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BOE-S2001 – How to Go From £10k to £20k a Month Without Doing Social Media 24/7

Show Notes Are you on social media 24/7 and not getting the results you want? This episode is going to be interesting because I will share with you important insights that will make use of your time and grow what you are doing effectively. Believe it or not, you [...]

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BOE038 – Michelle Raymond – Three Ways to Instantly Improve your Entrepreneurial Journey

Show Notes You will be blown away in today’s episode! Leon sat down with Michelle Raymond, HR & Business Growth Specialist, and talked about how she became an accidental speaker. Not only that, but they also talked about her three strategies that you as a business owner can do [...]

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