BOE-S2059 – Are Google Ads A Viable Option For All Business Owners?

Show Notes If you are a business owner who wants to maximize the reach of your business and looking for other means to expand leads, this is the right place for you. In today’s show, together we’ll explore the opportunities on google ads. Google ads for business is another [...]

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BOE-S2058 – CLUBHOUSE Real Deal Or Just A Fad

Show Notes A lot of social media applications are rampantly used right now. One of the social media applications that are a hit right now is, Clubhouse. This application is only available on the Apple app store as of the moment. It lets people connect with each other and [...]

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BOE-S2056 – How to create a marketing plan for 2021 | Business Owners

Show Notes Making a marketing plan is essential to all business owners. A business without a plan is a plan to fail. But how do you make a marketing plan? How is it going to be different for this year 2021 than previous years? 2020 undoubtedly affected most business [...]

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BOE-S2055 – How Go From Stuck To FAST In Business

Show Notes Is your business stuck due to different reasons? Are you thinking of what you should do to be able to move forward? In today’s show, I will be sharing with you how to go from stuck to fast in business. Some of the key ideas that I [...]

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BOE-S2054 – Why You’re Worth It & How You Can Have It All…

Show Notes There are certain times in our lives that we ask ourselves if we are worth it? If what we are doing is still worth it? Having these questions run inside our minds reduces our self-esteem. This may also affect you as a business owner because our lives [...]

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BOE-S2053 – Which Is Best? Organic vs. Paid Marketing

Show Notes Welcome to today's show of Business Owners Elevation! Today’s topic is all about what is best to do? Organic or Paid marketing? This topic is quite one of the most common conversations that I have with different business owners. Which is really best for them in order [...]

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BOE-S2052- How To Get A Head Start On Business Success In 2021

Show Notes It is already 2021, a new year to start a business or grow your business. Did you already prepare a perfect plan for this year? Is it focused on your business success? Or is it to do more things in your business? This is a great time [...]

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BOE-S2051- How You Can Generate £10K+ In Sales In 28 days Using Ads

Show Notes Paid ads became increasingly necessary nowadays. It can help you in boosting your sales and generating more leads. But what type of ads are you going to create? Where do you start in creating your ads? What positive scripting are you going to use in your ads [...]

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BOE-S2050 – 5 Signs That You’re Sabotaging Your Success

Show Notes Self-sabotage is one of the reasons that hinder us from being successful in our business. You might think that you are really working hard for the success of your business but you feel that you are not getting close to your goal. It can be a sign [...]

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BOE-S2049 – This Business Model Increases Your Sales & Saves You More Time

Show Notes As a business owner, we only want the best for our business to grow. But sometimes our eagerness to scale up leads us to complicate important things in our business. We tend to forget how to simplify and focus on the products or services that we offer. [...]

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