BOE037 – The Only 3 Ways To Market your Coaching Business

Show Notes Did you know that coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world? Today, I will talk about the only three ways to market your coaching business. You will discover the three actionable ways on how you can scale your coaching business. Also, I give [...]

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BOE036 – Lisa Johnson – The Comprehensive Guide To Passive Income

Show Notes Do you belong to the fabulous five percent? Do you know what it is? According to Lisa Johnson, business and success coach, 95% of new businesses failed on the first year, so where do you belong? In today’s episode, Leon chats with Lisa about how to turn [...]

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BOE035 – Adam Lewis Walker – How to Overcome your Limiting Beliefs and Scale Up your Business

Show Notes     Are you reflecting on your life's purpose? Do you struggle to have self-awareness? In this episode, Leon sat down with Adam Lewis Walker, #1 best-selling author, coach, speaker, and podcast host. Adam shared how he struggled with a pole vault accident and depression. Also, he [...]

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BOE034 – Ellie Burscough – How to Overcome your Limiting Beliefs and Scale Up your Business

Show Notes   How do you create freedom and more time for yourself and your business? A lot of entrepreneurs doesn’t talk about this topic, this is what Ellie Burscough can help you with. Ellie is a business and mindset mentor who's been in business for almost eight years. [...]

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BOE033 – Leon Streete – How Coaches can Generate More Leads using a PDF Guide, e-Book or Checklist

Show Notes   Today, Leon focuses on a very special subject that will help coaches who want to grow their business by generating more leads, more sales and end up with successful marketing campaigns. If you want to know how to execute these steps, grab a pen and paper, [...]

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BOE032 – Alonzo “Action MF” Jackson – How to Develop your Inner Authenticity

Show Notes   This episode of Business Owner Elevation is a little unconventional — it's explicit! Leon chats with Alonzo "Action MF" Jackson, author, Lit Life Coach, and a MF Monk. He opens up on how he transitioned from being in the Navy to a Personal Trainer then becoming [...]

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BOE031 – Kade Wilcox – How to Grow your Business through Content Marketing

Show Notes   Today's episode, Kade Wilcox, Owner and CEO of Primitive Social Digital Marketing, breaks down how he and his team was able to reach their goals in a span of three years. Together with Leon, they discussed why it is crucial to set proper expectations for your [...]

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BOE030 – Doberman Dan – What you need to Know about Creating Powerful Copy

Show Notes   There are three key things that an entrepreneur should pay attention to, do you want to know what are those? Grab your pen and paper, because, in today's episode with Doberman Dan, a direct response entrepreneur, and copywriter, you will discover that writing a copy is [...]

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BOE029 – Eleanor Beaton – How to make your Desire greater than your Fear

Show Notes     Eleanor Beaton, an award-winning journalist, speaker, executive coach, and podcast host joined Leon today to share her biggest mistakes whilst building her business and why entrepreneurs need to innovate. She shared the top three keys that you need while growing your business, why you need [...]

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BOE028 – Jon Benson – How to Make Sales Online using Video Sales Letter?

Show Notes   Do you want to make sales online? On this episode, Leon chatted with Jon Benson, author, and CEO of Digital Publisher, Inc, and JBF Health. Jon told the story of how he began experimenting with a new way of marketing products online. With his NLP background [...]

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