BOE018 – How To Research Your Market Before Your Next Campaign – Leon & Rob

Show Notes   In this episode of Business Owner Elevation, Rob and Leon discuss what you need to do in order to effectively research the market prior to launching your next campaign. Many may think that they’ve heard it all when it comes to this topic. However, only few apply the necessary steps [...]

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BOE017 – Jonathan Rivera – Why Podcasting The Direct Response Way Is Trumps!

Show Notes   In this week’s show Rob and Leon interview The Self Proclaimed King Of podcasting, Jonathan Rivera, who owns the Podcast Factory. Where he host and produces some of the most widely downloaded shows in the podcasting universe with an illustrious roster of great shows. Here's few insights you'll hear in [...]

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BOE016 – Leon Streete & Phil Faulkner – The 7 Pillars To Building A 6 Or 7 Figure Coaching Business, Using The Vortex V3 Methodology

Show Notes   In Today's show Leon & Phil talk about "The 7 Pillars To Building A 6 Or 7 Figure Coaching Business, Using The Vortex V3 Methodology" Pillar #1 How To Overcome Overwhelm & Stay Focused While Building Your Business Pillar #2 How To Establish A Profitable Niche So You Can Raise Your Fee’s [...]

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BOE015 – Oli Billson – Getting Explosive Results With “Dynamic Response Marketing”

Show Notes   In Today's show Rob & Leon speak with Oliver Billson, a serial entrepreneur from the UK who runs 4 successful businesses and consults with the “Crème de la Crème” of the marketing world on the topic of Dynamic Response Marketing. Brace yourself for an array of cutting edge information Oli [...]

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BOE014 – Sohail Khan – Engineering Multi Million Pound Joint Venture Deals

Show Notes   In today's episode Rob & Leon have the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of the world’s best consultants and teacher of putting together Multi-million Pound Joint Venture Deals. In this amazing interview Sohail shares some of his powerful concepts to add additional revenue streams, and discusses Strategic Partnerships, how to find [...]

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BOE013 – Leon & Rob – Why Coaches Should Have A Marketing Strategy!

Show Notes   Inside today's show Leon and Rob look at the topic of Marketing plans and strategy, dissecting it laterally then diving in vertically - mining informational gold from their marketing archive. Here's an insight of what they walk through.   What is the Dead Coaching Society, Mish-Mash Marketing approach. We pray [...]

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BOE012 – Rachel Pedersen – The Law Of Social Media Reciprocity

Show Notes   In Today's show Rob & Leon speak with the Social Media Powerhouse Rachel Pedersen who shares her meteoric rise, from young hairstylist to Social Media Connector helping entrepreneurs attract massive attention by using social media like a pro.   Check in and listen to the AMAZING backstory of Rachel as [...]

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BOE011 – Thomas Blackwell – Make A Decision To Become The Best!

Show Notes   This week’s episode Leon & Rob conduct a fascinating interview with Thomas Blackwell, an in demand speaker who inspires people to become their best. He has given over 1000 talks and presentations to corporations, executives, entrepreneurs, sales teams, athletes, religious groups, and students. Thomas’s unique speaking style operates at the [...]

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BOE010 – Doug D’Anna – The Bridge To Your Next BIG Breakthrough

Show Notes   In today's show we have deep dive into conversations with Legendary A List copywriter Doug D'anna who shares many powerful insights into the world of direct response marketing. Where he has been successfully cutting his teeth for over four decades as direct response copywriter producing wining controls for major financial [...]

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BOE009 – Tom Breeze – How To use YouTube to Generate Leads and Sales

Show Notes   In today's deep dive format show, you will have the pleasure of eavesdropping on Tom Breeze who is an authority when it comes to YouTube Advertising and Marketing. Tom owns one of the biggest agencies in the world, “Viewability” and has a slew of marketing royalty clients, that reach out [...]

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