Coaches! Are your discovery calls Leaving you in Diarrhoea Straits? (aka dire straits lol)

//Coaches! Are your discovery calls Leaving you in Diarrhoea Straits? (aka dire straits lol)

Yes, way too many coaches find themselves in deep s-h-#-t (no apologies for the title of blog)

It may come across as a little crude, I prefer to say “tongue in cheek”.

However those coaches who find themselves in a state of flux regarding discovery sessions may find this post very interesting.

In fact, if you’re figuring out a better way to approach discovery calls this will be particularly useful.

You’re about to discover battle-tested views on what works and what doesn’t.

And you can get access to some resources I know you’ll find priceless..

Let me share my views around the discovery call sessions.

Here’s the good news (smile)

It’s NOT a requirement to be a world class salesperson trained in tactics of the Grant Cardone’s, Jordan Belfort’s, Tom Hopkins, Or Brian Tracy’s school of selling.


Wrong Views No System Poor Results

After having scores of in depth conversations with coaches of varying degrees of skill, we’ve noticed the common problem among struggling coaches is directly linked to sales.

This recurring theme of selling and salespeople.

Most of which is about the perception and wrong thinking of the roles of salespeople.

Inside the BOE Team we don’t see anything wrong with sales, our view is that it consists of both parties (The coach & the potential client) to walk on a path of mutual agreement.

On the other hand, most coaches see selling as high pressure tactics which we certainty don’t subscribe too.


This has led some experts having internal conflicts & getting discouraged

when prospects don’t follow through by enrolling on their programmes or workshops.

Now before we look at a solution for changing the outcomes.

I’m assuming you have the basics covered.

A clearly defined niche backed by research, and a well thought out offer to entice your audience.

If not go back to the drawing board, then ask yourself a couple of questions.

  1. Why would your audience be interested in your offer?
  2. What problem is your offer going to solve?


The 30,000ft Discovery call overview

Now this overview should/will help coaches who offer premium courses online plus consulting services from £2000 upwards.

I’m so confident, because this is the exact proven process we use for enrolling candidates on our various higher premium programmes workshops and masterminds which are not cheap.

In recent months we’ve seen the power of our process working in the Dating, Driving Schools, and Mindset Verticals (To name a few) raking in hordes of new clients.

In monetary terms £250,000.00.

Imagine you deposited that amount of cash in as little 90 days!

You May WONDERING “Is This possible?”

My answer is an emphatic YESSSS!


Reduce Resistance to your offer the simple way

So let’s review the process in three crucial areas…

Prior to your discovery calls there’s a number of things you may consider doing, for example you should be ensuring the call has been scheduled and framed correctly.

Let your future students understand the value of your irreplaceable time.

Ensure you schedule every enrolment call and never be too eager to do them without the correct pre-frame (more on this in while).

Use scheduling software like acuity or schedule one to protect status.

Pause for second & answer this…


Would you hire a coach who isn’t in high demand?

I mean who wants to work with a coach who seems to have a lot a time on their hands.

Not Me.

Not You.

…and certainly not Your Prospects…


Not having a scheduled appointment system projects an image of not being successful.

Remember successful people are busy and hard to reach.

Another crucial part of our process is sending a mini survey questionnaire or application form to make the best use of time.

It helps your prospect think about their business in more depth, it gives you an idea of their major issues cutting down the fact find detective element before getting on your call.

On to the next phase


“Tell Me What You Guys Say On Discovery Calls!“

Imagine you’ve now received notification of an appointment, you’ve done a little research & now it’s time to do the call…


Here is where experts stray off course like a ship lost at sea about strike an arctic iceberg and sink like the invincible titanic did over a hundred years ago.

Stay with me…

LEONARDO DICAPRIO, one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood has a set of lines he has to learn for each scene in his movies… He memorises a script and brings his character to life.

You may be thinking what does this have to do with the enrolment.

Process…. EVERYTHING!!

Here’s why…

The most successful coaches I know use a structured approach to help students self identify their issues and build a desire for them to want to join their programmes, meaning it’s not necessary to be a helluva hot shot salesperson.

All you have to do is have a semi intelligent conversation…

I can hear a big sigh of relieve… So if you despise hard nosed selling that’s ok.


Let Me Reveal…

The Secret Discovery Call Checklist

Which will show you….

How To convey The benefits of your coaching services that makes prospects feel 100% confident About working with You


We now have this process down to a sweet science.

In-fact, it’s not uncommon that in less than 30 minutes from start to finish you’ll have prospects enrolled as paying clients…

Once you truly understand how to do this you’ll never again feel flustered, feel frustrated or experience nervous recycled flatulence (lol).

Again let me repeat, no super sales skills required on your part!

You’ll discover an 8 step process that eliminates the need to be a star salesperson.

Our proven secret discovery call checklist which accompanies a free mini Video Tutorial will explode your join up rates to your programmes, workshops, retreats or masterminds.

If you no longer want to be in Diarrhoea Straits any longer go grab your checklist which comes with free a video tutorial and collect some of the green stuff.

We appreciate you reading this tongue in cheek blog post.

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