E3-001 – Percolated Poo…

//E3-001 – Percolated Poo…

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker.

But there seems to be a coffee shop on every corner

Costa, Star Bucks, Nero and a tonne of independent retailers

It appears to be the natural hangout spots for mothers with babies in toe
to catch up on the latest gossip, solopreneurs students sneaking in home made
sandwiches whilst ordering coffee using the complimentary Wi-Fi.

I’m not a connoisseur of coffee so I make random orders of Latte or cappuccino
because I Like the names (must make a better informed decision in the future).

Several years ago I do recall being retained by a client to increase the sales
on his e-commerce store selling coffee and there was a particular brand
which was called kopi-luwak the most expensive coffee in the world .

Dubbed Peculated Poo By coffee infocados who were paying between for £500-700
pounds a Kilo.

I kid you not..

Naturally I thought how can this brand of beverage command that kind of price?

After a Google search it was apparent why…

The production process.

Let me explain

In Indonesia there’s a cat like animal called Civet that eats natural cherries Coffee beans that passes through its digestive tract almost unaffected, some fermentation during the digestion process occurs in the beans. This adds a unique flavour to the coffee made from civet cat beans.

There You have it.

Premium Peculate Poo selling by the shit Load ..

Pardon pun

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Robert Dene “Percolatin Ideas” Smith

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