E3-003 – Lessons from: Founder The Movie

//E3-003 – Lessons from: Founder The Movie

Michael Keaton is a stellar Actor

Probably best know for his roles in Beetle Juice, Batman, Jackie brown, Desperate Measures and a host of other movies I can’t recall.

But in his latest flick The Founder

He has the leading role playing Ray Kroc..

The Guy who turned McDonald’s into Household Food institution.

The story line has a score of business lessons if you dissect the scenes from begin to

Over the next couple of emails I will cherry pick a couple of these lessons for you to consider.

There’s a scene in the movie when ray drives to see dick and mac, the real McDonald’s Brothers at their flagship operation in the west coast of America.

And he can’t believe his eyes.

Queues of people lining up to order burgers and fries getting served in less than 30 seconds which in the fifties was unheard of.

You see most hamburger restaurant were drive in’s

You waited for a waitress to take your order then it could take up to 15-20 mins to be served (many times you received the wrong order)

Resulting in a bad customer experience…

What Dick and Mac figured out was a system for producing tasty food on their menu with speed & efficiency.

This had a lot to do with the cooking process, alongside the design of the kitchen to maximise on productivity which they had to an exact science.

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Robert “80% Systematisation” Dene

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