E3-004 – Founder The Movie (Part 2)

//E3-004 – Founder The Movie (Part 2)

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Ray Kroc was working as a salesman selling milk shake mixers to the fast food industry across the entire USA driving hundreds of miles per day pitching his products..

While watching the movie I noticed right out the gate when he drove around the country he was pumping as much positive stuff into his mind as there was gas In the tank of his car.

Often after a hard day on the road pitching, Ray would head back to his hotel, pour a glass of his favourite tipple and then listen to one of the earliest self-development programmes…

The strangest secret. (on vinyl record back then recorded by Earl Nightingale)

Now this built up two character traits that most would be entrepreneurs lack but
require in bucket and spade

Which are… Resilience and Persistence

As any businessman person will confess the day to day running of a company is sometimes like being on a ship in a stormy ocean.

This was certainly the case in the early days of the McDonald’s corporation growth for a number of reasons.

Lack of finance, rigid contractual arrangements… just to name a few.

Ray developed his persistence muscle by having a clear vision fixed firmly in front of him constantly.

The question you must ask yourself is… Do you have your vision fixed crealy infront of you?

If that’s a yes, the we’d love to help you turn that into a reality… If that’s a no, we’d love to help you gain complete clarity…

Book a time to talk with us & let’s fill in any gaps that may be stopping your from creating a business you deserve.

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Robert “Persistence beats resistance” Smith

P.S. Look of for lesson three which is foundational in the next e-mail.

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