E3-005 – Founder The Movie (Part 3)

//E3-005 – Founder The Movie (Part 3)

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How would you describe the business McDonald’s are In?

I hazard a guess most people will say fast food business, fast food restaurant or something like fast food industry.

Which on the surface is right…

However, the business model of McDonald’s was forced to change early in the aggressive franchise growth cycle due to severe cash flow issues.

In the movie, Harry J Sonneborn who says to Ray Kroc

“You’re not in the burger business, you’re in the real estate business”

He advised the founder (Ray Kroc) to source the land, build the sites and lease it back to the
franchisees which was genius on so many Levels.

Watch the movie for inspired ideas… However, the real lesson will come from asking yourself this question.

Do you Know what business you are in?

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