E3-006 – Not quite sleepless In Seattle

//E3-006 – Not quite sleepless In Seattle

More Like sleepless in the “black country”

Yep as you know once in awhile you have to lose sleep when building a business.

This tends to happen when you have a pressing deadline for projects.

Well it’s no different in the BOE Headquarters..

Our team was retained to produce SALES copy for a product launch which had a lot of moving sequences like Birmingham’s Symphony Orchestra (Flute, French Horn, Violin etc)

As lead copywriter I had to produce landing page copy, email copy, facebook ad copy, Video bridge copy plus continue pumping out content with the rest of the guys for business owner elevation.

Now in my mind I thought “coolio”

I got this.

However, as the deadlines started to loom in I realised the need to rearrange a few things in my schedule meaning… less sleep or no sleep.

Here’s why… Leon & myself were attending an event that weekend.

We had an international coaching client flying in who we were meeting for the first time and the project needed to be in on Friday.

Now to make matters worse, a recurring back injury was hampering my ability to hammer out copy.

999 what your emergency D-E A-D-L-I-N-E!!

I drove to Leon’s and the sleep deprivation marathon began…

We cranked out copy with a Chinese accompanied with Courvoisier to the wee hours of Saturday morning…

We packed the car for the road trip to London to exhibit,

Arriving in the big smoke with bloodshot zombie eyes we worked Flat out on
hustle mode without flagging…

The Moral

Plan for The best prepare For The worst… Thank god for automation & our systems we have in place… without them we would have been finished!

Want to avoid the bottlenecks and nasty deadlines that are keeping you up at night “hustling”…. how about getting some systems in place to lighten the workload?

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Robert “Deadline Killer” smith

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