E3-007 – Why You Need to be Narrow Minded Coach

//E3-007 – Why You Need to be Narrow Minded Coach

Ignore this to your Peril…

As a coach you’ll win big if you become more Narrow Minded (in your marketing approach)

Many coaches fall into the trap of trying to be all things to all people and then fail spectacularly in attracting & enrolling clients.

When coaches become laser focused an amazing chain reaction of events occur..

The main one being you resonate with the market you intend to serve .

Because you become a perceived expert /specialist

Case in point…

GP VS Neurological Surgeon

Would you let a general practitioner perform high risk brain surgery on you or a member of your family?

Hellz Nooooo!!!

Next question

Who do think gets rewarded financially better…. GP OR Surgeon?

You guessed right… The Surgeon! By some 400%

Need I say more..

This is why you need to become a narrow minded coach it means more pay, more adulation, more notoriety & better positioning.

Please, please!! I urge you to disregard this very popular quote

“Don’t be so narrow Minded” and do the exact opposite…

Would you like tailored help in becoming the Expert in your market?

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Until the next not so oblivious epiphany

Robert “Very Narrow Minded” Smith

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