E3-008 – The one that slipped through the net

//E3-008 – The one that slipped through the net

Watch out for this Guy

Steve Bartlett came onto my radar appropriately 2 Years ago whilst I was broadcasting on the now defunct social media platform blab.

My intuition was right, there was something that indicated this young guy was on a mission

He’s arguably europe’s Number 1 disruption marketer with his business social chain.

In year two the business is on track to hit 6million, current portfolio of clients include Twentieth Century Fox, Puma, The BBC and McDonald’s.

Not too shabby…

Steve was in a recent episode of the legendary Hustler Gray Vee and in many ways both are cut from the same cloth.

Now here’s the kicker I reached out to him to be interview on our podcast and
I didn’t follow up (shocking I know)

Now he’s an in demand hot shot and everyone wants a piece meaning it could be more difficult to get him to appear on our upcoming new show but don’t feel sorry for me…

We landed on the show like prize rainbow trout .

In less than Two Years Steve Bartlett has taken his business niche by storm by taking the lead role as chief disruption officer ..

And this is something we teach our coaching clients to do so they don’t drown in the sea of sameness.

We show them how to stand out like a smelly fart in a confined space…

let’s get on the dog and bone, so we can help you stand out in the sea of sameness you may be in.

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Robert “Gonna Follow Up Better” Smith

P.S. sea of sameness or smelly fart, you choose.

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