E3-009 – The Magic Photo Booth

//E3-009 – The Magic Photo Booth

Jordane Skye is my teenage Daughter…

We were having one of our daddy daughter chats…

Which went like this


“Dad do you remember I’m going to Paris
this month on a school trip.”


“No baby I thought it was next month… LOL

[Jordane ]

“I’m going to enhance my French speaking skills, embrace the
culture and see the sights of Paris Oui Oui”

So, here’s what I’m thinking at this point…

Hmm…. This is the perfect opportunity to get gassed (have fun with friends)
take time off school, buy new clothes & bleed my bank account dry football wag style .

(Jordane can be very persuasive)

That aside, when you plan a trip abroad it
sets off a chain reaction of thoughts…

Especially when it concerns young adults

Who’s Going?

Where you staying?

What will you be doing?

The total cost of trip including spending money?

Buying clothes, Sun cream…. Yadda Yadda…

As the time drew closer to going I had forgotten

Jordanes passport had run out (Duh Panic)

As you know…

Without the passport you’re not getting very far

So I took my daughter to a photo booth to get new pictures
for her passport….

This could so easily of ended up as a travel nightmare story.

Because of a lack of proper planning

Me, Leon, Phil & Adam see this all too frequently.

For example

Coaches that struggle to enrol students!

We often find on doing analysis that the
funnel sequence is back to front or certain
elements are missing.

Yeast in bread springs to mind!

If you’re in a state of flux at the moment

I totally understand how you’re feeling.

We were once in that place but found the right way to enrol clients
with ease.

Once you understand the magic of sequencing, the sky’s the limit.

Hit the Link now to get into the magic photo-booth so we
can process the perfect picture of for your coaching
6 figure freedom passport.

Click here & let’s talk.

Robert “Passport to Success” Smith

PS… Every time I go into a photo booth something magical usually happens.

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