E3-010 – To Be Or Not To Be A Super Coach

//E3-010 – To Be Or Not To Be A Super Coach

I would like to Jump into Q&A session with You

This will prove useful or “contrarian”…

Con!!!… “What did you say?”..

Contrarian = Different to the status quo

Let me touch on a few recycled questions we here
all the time from coaches in the expert space…

First question

Q: I hate selling, if I can’t sell I’ll never make a good
living as coach, is there an alternative?


Well the truth is I believe everybody can sell.

In fact, the traditional sales process is dead.

In today’s M.O.R.E internet savvy world, a diverse mix
of education based marketing is required.

You choose a medium to distribute valuable content
and it will be gobbled up by your hungry information
seeking prospects.

Then imagine you’re a tour guide, take them on a journey of
discovery with pleasing word pictures in conversation.

(Not that hard right).

Done correctly you’ll pique the curiosity glands and they will
ask a series of questions which you will answer, succinctly
displaying your depth of knowledge.

Next Question…

Q: “There’s lots of people in my coaching market… How Should I stand out?”

A: In any lucrative coaching space there’s competition swarming like bees to honey. The trick is to present your offer differently so you can stand out. It only needs to be 10% to 20% more unique than your competitors.

Here’s an example….

Imagine I sold good old fashion Apple pies…

Just plain apple pies

Then someone comes along and sells apples pies with cinnamon
and secret spices offering to customise the experience with
a range of the shapes sizes for a similar price.

There’s a simple point of differentiation.

Last Question

Q: “Is it worth going to events… there’s just a lot of pitching and no real
cutting edge content?”

A: Sure thing!! It makes sense going to events even the pitch feast types.

Because you can always come away with one good nugget of information.

Not to mention Joint Venture partnerships, the networking and prospecting
opportunities but above all else it can gives you clarity.

Dissecting the content shared at the events you attend will act as a intuitive compass letting you know if you’re on track.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the pack the shortcut to success lies in
using your compass to find quality masterminds & coaches .

We are now sifting through applications to join our next
Vortex coaching programme if you would like to be shortlisted
apply below.

Shortlist Me!!

Robert “Q&A Answer Man” Smith

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