E3-012 – Do You Have The Mental Toughness of Buck?

//E3-012 – Do You Have The Mental Toughness of Buck?

From time to time I like to watch rugby.
Well, it is a proper man’s sport if you now what I mean.

I was tuning into the most recent Lions Vs All Blacks series
when the sport presenters were discussing a former
New Zealand rugby great…

Wayne Shelford AKA “Wayne Buck Rogers”

His story about his second cap as an all black is legendary

It goes Like this…

In 1986, Buck was selected to play his second test match in a game
so fierce it is known fondly as the “Battle of Nantes”.

This test match was against the French national side.

Twenty minutes into the game, Shelford was at the bottom of a ruck where…
(time to brace yourself Ladies & Gentlemen)

… a French player’s boot stud caught Buck’s scrotum, tore it open and left a
testicle hanging out.

Oh and he lost some teeth in the process as well.


What happened next redefines the word “tough”.
I’m pretty sure, if you’re anything like me, I would be off to hospital.

Not Bucky.
The French crowd looked on in horror as he demand that the team medic
NOT call an ambulance, but instead perform some makeshift surgery on the field.

A stitch here, a stitch there and Buck Shelford with his temporarily fixed scrotum went back into the field of battle to continue playing for the All Blacks.

Can you Fathom that!

Well they say rugby is a religion in New Zealand
If you’re going to make it as a super coach in your industry you
have to develop that winning mindset to overcome the inevitable challenges of growing a lucrative business…

The business of coaching is very much like the sport of rugby,
there will be wins, losses and draws

But you gotta galvanise mental toughness when You face testing times..

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Robert “Mentally Tough Guy” Smith

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