E3-014 – The Ambush Backfires

//E3-014 – The Ambush Backfires

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (like I do when it comes to Politics)
it shouldn’t have escaped your notice that we had another non eventful
general election.

Did you exercise your democratic right to vote…?

When people ask who I’m voting for my Retort is “NO-ONE”

What happens then is the standard exchange of verbiage…
Like… “why aren’t you voting?”

My personal beliefs are there should be minimal government involvement
in running the country, way too much red tape for my liking.

Because too many politicians can’t or won’t tell the truth..

It’s not in there DNA

Just try reading their 100 page party manifestos
you need a senior partner from Mishcon de Reya Law
firm to decode exactly what they will do to help

The voters….

Let’s go back to my point earlier
regarding politicians telling the truth.

Check out prime minister Theresa May’s track record
regarding the small matter of snap elections…

The PM bare face lies…

Going on record numerous times saying she won’t call an election
until the year 2020

1) On 30th June 2016 the Prime Minister said “There should be no general election until 2020,” This at the tory Leadership campaign

2) On 4th September 2016 again Mrs Theresa “Toothless” May
appeared on the Andrew Marr show and said No snap election

3) October 2016 May reiterated her belief that an election would cause “instability”.

4) October 2016 Andrew Marr had another interview and raised the question about early election again she said “No it won’t happen”

5) Then the double whammy in march 2017 when the prime MINISTER’s anonymous spokesman resolutely stated no early election.

Then on the 18th April the political ambush commences with
the announcement of the upcoming election on the 8th of June 2017

Can you see how transparent these politicians are LOL

If you can’t tell the truth about the date you intend to have elections what
chance are they going to follow through on the issues you’re voting?

For in the contaminated Manifestos which 95% of the voters never read… Hmmm

This sort of folly is very reminiscent of some coaches who are tactic not principled based

They lay in wait to Ambush at Mouth Point in swanky suites and dresses targeting gullible unschooled target audiences.

Karma awaits such coaches.

Lookie >> Here to discover our transparent manifesto so you can avoid being a crooked coach

Robert “Politically Uncorrect” Smith

P.S. Toothless May got her comeuppance
political hung parliament = Karma

P.P.S. Order Order!! In the House Of BOE
CAN you tell I don’t Give Flying Bird Poo
about politics? lol

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