E3-018 – 3 Marketing Lesson From Mayweather VS McGregor super fight

//E3-018 – 3 Marketing Lesson From Mayweather VS McGregor super fight

You may detest two men trying to knock each other’s block
off under the queensberry rules of boxing but just follow my lead on this one…

This super fight has caught the imagination of
fight fans like no other in history of boxing because
the two fighters are both cocky!

Both fighters talk a good game

.. &…

Both fighters know how to prepare for a battle…

As a fan and marketer I’ve been looking at the contest from
different lenses, let’s start with the boxing then I’ll give you 3
take aways from the marketing side.

Let’s go with the inevitable question on most people’s minds

Can Mcgregor win the fight?

Well he has the luck of the Irish,
he has an explosive killer punch so that means he has a fighter chance.

Have you noticed through this email
I haven’t referred to connor as a boxer?

That means Mayweather will win because boxing is a sweet
science & there’s nobody past or present that knows how to
box as clever as Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

My prediction is you will see Floyd’s old persona show
up which is “Pretty Boy”, the persona he had in the earlier
part of his career where he knocked out opponents

Ok, enough fight talk let’s peek through the marketing lens…

What lessons can you apply into your business..

Lesson 1: Test the market

Long before any ink dried on contracts both fighters were at each throats
with social media trash talking, goading each other with rumours of a possible super fight, all designed to gauge the interest level from the boxing and MMA fans.

Well the results are very evident as it captured the fight world’s imagination
SO MUCH SO Money Mayweather is rumoured to be pocketing a cool

240,000.000 Million dollars PLUS!!

Lesson 2: Controversy

Each of these guys have an acute sense of timing when it comes to trash talk.

Floyd’s checked legal history with paying his taxes has been exploited by Conor in the war of words leading to both sets of supporters tail spinning in frenzy of heightened hysteria with opposing supporters willing there man to knock the other out.

If you want to stand out in your do, say something a little different to the mass market you serve and back your talk up….

Lesson 3: Sell Experiences

The fight between Floyd and Connor is the main product, Floyd with his 49-0 record and Connor with his 0-0 Record is as dry as unbuttered toast.


What every fight fan is buying is the WOW factor experiences

The press conference, the back and forth arguments, boxing fans vs MMA fans & Ireland vs USA!

And I for one can tell you it works!

On the London leg of the press conference me and my mate Paul ended
up buying tickets from touts to soak up the atmosphere first hand.

Those selling tickets were making money hand over first as the face value of tickets
was zero pounds, however fans were paying up to £100 quid just
to experience pre fight razzmatazz.

So my learned friends inject a little controversy,
whilst hatching wow experiences can lead to exponential sales..

Come get your WOW factor

Click here to book a call so we can help you implement these three lessons and more into your business.

Robert “3 Pre Fight Lessons Smith

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