E3-019 – The Marketing Muscle Of (Ghost And Tommy)!

//E3-019 – The Marketing Muscle Of (Ghost And Tommy)!

I bet you never thought of your business
the way I’ve outlined it in today’s email…

Warning: This Is just an analogy!!

One of my favourite dramas on the silver screen is

>>>>>>>>>> Power.

The main characters in the show are Ghost
And Tommy.

Ghost appears to have it all, a hot wife, Manhattan Penthouse loving family three
exclusive nightclubs called Truth.

But on reflection he’s leading a double life.

Ghost and Tommy operate one of the biggest drug empires in New York.

Tommy Is the loyal side kick enforcer on the streets moving major
weight through key distributors worth millions of dollars.

Ghost handles the business of laundering money through the exclusive truth
nightclub brand…

Believe it or not successful players in the coaching space, play their trade
very similar to Ghost and Tommy.

Let me explain…

As a coach you may have a number of products to sell… this is the
Narcotics which your audience is hooked on…

(They can’t wait to get there hands on it)

You may have alliances with big info distributors like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube & Itunes who each get their cut for distributing your brand of Narcotic…

Plus you’ve got strong links with strategic partners who can expose your product or services to their list of keen prospects…

(Make sense?)

Now if you want the lavish lifestyle of A Ghost

You gotta do the dirty w.o.r.k.

You’ve Got to have all the foundations in place like product sourcing, product creation, great landing pages (locations)… for collection and drop off product to Launder Your money .


You need an enforcer to ensure no imitation look alike coaches
flood the market with inferior products, reducing the
size of the territory.

Messing with your chances of serving the market with the Good Stuff.

So here’s the deal…

The BOE team can be your loyal Tommy…

Your enforcer in the your niche protecting your clients, your products & your turf.

We can help you move major weight…

Let’s talk strategic partnerships here… click the link and let’s arrange to talk.


Robert “The Enforcer” Smith

P.S.You can watch series 1-4 on Netflix… Enjoy

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