E3-020 – Why I Say Screw Social Media Etiquette

//E3-020 – Why I Say Screw Social Media Etiquette

I’m unsure who coined the phrase social media

Methinks… renaming it to stalker media or troll media or even
sensational media would be more apt.

I see many hostile people on these so called friendly

It appears people get bent out of shape
when you try to be hospitable or dare I say

For example if you tag people into the occasional post or DM them
they just freak out…

Airing their displeasure in timeline feeds… I mean wtf

I know what you’re thinking.

*People just tag me in spammy posts randomly

*I keep getting pitched by people trying to sell me things

*Trolls upset me with nasty vindicate comments

*Girls will be like, guys keep hitting on me
(admit its faltering tho)

The easiest way to deal with the points raised
is to come off social media entirely.

What do you think ?

Any ways…

I don’t want you give you the wrong impression
by no means I’m anti social media.

It has a place in the marketing mix

So much so we’ve been refining this strategy called:


It’s how we attract prospects on social media
without spending money on paid advertising.

Textecution: has many applications for instance a few years
we used it to get the larger than life Grant Cardone on to our podcast.

Most recently we deployed the Textecution strategy which grossed
16k in sales in a 6 week period…

Well we got thinking & we might teach a course
or just include it in our next vortex coaching class.

In September ..

Hit the reply button and lets us know if you would like a mini
course, at affordable price.

Let’s be socially civil to one another 😉

Robert “Socially Savvy” Smith

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