E3-021 – Jamming In The Square

//E3-021 – Jamming In The Square

A few weeks back I was jamming away with thousands of revelers in Victoria Square
Birmingham, celebrating the 55th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence from the U.K

It was 72 Hours of carnival vibes.

The tiny island of Jamaica only spans 142 miles in length and is 50 miles wide
with a population of 2.8 Million but its impact is global.

Just Imagine I’m working for the Jamaican Tourist board

Here’s some interesting titbits…

Fun Fact 1: Jamaica has one of the most sought after coffee brands in the world Blue Mountain (divine mild taste)

Fun Fact 2: In 1988, Jamaica was the first tropical country to send a bobsledding team to the Winter Olympics.

(Have you ever watched the movie cool running’s? The script is loosely based around this historical fact)

Fun Fact 3: If you’re looking for a hot wife, Jamaica has had 3 winners and 3 runners-up in the Miss World competitions, Jamaicans boast some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Fun Fact 4: Jamaica has the most rum bars in the world per square mile, not surprising when you think about the Wray & Nephew, Appleton Rum brands & Red stripe beer which makes for a fine trio of alcoholic beverages.

Fun Fact 5: If you’re into Golf in 1868, The Manchester Golf Club was formed and is the oldest club in the western hemisphere.

Fun Fact 6: If You need to moor your boat, Kingston Harbor is the largest natural harbor in the world.

Fun Fact 7: Jamaica is home to one of the most iconic sports men of all time, the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt.

Fun Fact 8: Jamaican Musical influence has travelled to all four corners of the earth with reggae made popular from the late Bob Marley to rap music which was birthed from another Jamaican kool DJ Herc.

Now I could pen pages of interesting facts about this beautiful island
but the tourist board has not hired me Lol

I’ve just presented some fun facts about why you may want to visit the island of Jamaica… Yet I’ve scratched the surface

I could of spoken about the to die for seafood cuisines, the 50 plus idyllic beaches & the list goes on….

But here s today’s epiphany

If you run any type of business you need to have a good list of benefits
interesting titbits and turn them into a Great USP = Unique Selling Proposition

And Simply share them with people who you want to
be your clients.

If you’re yet to figure out what your versios of Bolt Blue Mountain or Marely are…

Then hit the link and let’s jam together to figure out your USP so you can attract & enroll more clients for your coaching business…

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Robert “Jamming In The Square” Smith

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