E3-022 – The Smoking Guns Of The Marketing Mafia

//E3-022 – The Smoking Guns Of The Marketing Mafia

Recently the BOE team was invited to a corporate
day shooting pigeons made out of the clay.

Something none of the team had experienced before.

We arrived at he venue promptly & the first order of business
was devouring breakfast.

Whilst tucking into our butties…

We got into conversations about life, family, business
and of course marketing.

I mean what do you expect with a bunch of elite marketers
within touching distance of each other.

What’s interesting was the array of monster projects
being done with the Dons of the marketing world
from the united states.

The kind projects which require you to have multiple
bank accounts in exotic offshore locations (Bahamas)


We didn’t take a blood oath, however it felt like
all in attendance, had been sworn into the
secret underground midlands marketing mafia…

You’ll hear more about MMM
very soon…

On to the shooting of pigeons made from clay

We split into two teams of 6 to receive instructions from
our shooting instructor for the day.

Glen (our instructor), walked us through the safety elements,
to gripping the shotgun to correct stance & also our hand to
eye coordination.

Great Instructor….

Then it was time for the fun to begin by hollowing pull and getting
trigger happy.

As you can imagine there was a lot of bravado, trash talking &
immense competitiveness coupled with excellent marksmanship
from both teams.

There’s a neat correlation I noticed between the best marksman
and elite coaches…

They get ahead of the target and keep their eyes firmly transfixed
on the prize.

That being said…

If you’ve got your eye on a prize you’d like to obtain with our help

Click this link and book some time to talk with us so we can help you
ready, aim & fire 😉

Robert “Midland Mafia Boss” Smith

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