E3-023 – Not Guilty of Negging

//E3-023 – Not Guilty of Negging

Yep… the other day –

I was accused Of Using a form of Reverse psychology,
on a discovery call…


It Got me thinking about the whole Art of
communication persuasion influence..

You May Have Heard of the The Book called “The Game”
By Neil Strauss ..

It s a book about the world of pick up artist,
in there it covers a rather manipulative technique
called Negging .

Its a bizarre seduction technique (trick) to undermine a woman’s
confidence by making backhanded remarks.

Which is all about mind control, when done correctly it makes a women
want to earn the approval of the guy .

The outcome is: The Guy Gets The Girl (90% of time).

So I’m told..

But I;

Robert Dene Smith AKA The Marketing Manifesto Guy-

Pleads Not Guilty To Negging

Pleads Not Guilty Of Using Reverse Psychology

Pleads Not Guilty To Using The Take Away Close

Pleads Not Guilty TO Using The Negative Close

Pleads Not Guilty TO Using NLP

The truth is, this coach had misunderstood the mission
of BOE even though I had given full account of it.

There’s a saying:

“The Customer Is Always Right”

THAT is a bag Of Manure… (They’re not always right)

You see, we’re not in the business of signing people into
coaching programs using Manipulative Tactics .

There’s a stringent process for joining our coaching programme for a very
good reason because we value our Time over money

Plus, if we can’t help you to reach the goals – what’s the point.

We frequently turn Away Coaches who are not aligned.
This IS out of principles we uphold (not Tactics).

So if you’re considering clicking the link below to
see if you qualify for the vortex coaching programme
be rest assured it’s not a guarantee we will work with you…

Talk to us now – schedule an enrolment breakthrough session

Robert “No psychology At Play” Smith.

Ps Vortex course Begins First week of October

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