How My Clients Attract New Coaching Customers All Year

//How My Clients Attract New Coaching Customers All Year

How My Clients Attract New Coaching Customers All Year Using Only 30 Pieces Of Social Media Content!

One of the biggest pains for Coaches…

…is creating Social Media CONTENT!

What to post, when, where and why.🥴



I would become frustrated and overthinking during and after creating a post or video

“would it even attract any leads❓


I mean likes and comments are cool.

🏠But they don’t pay the bills.


And, when you’re trying to crack the social media lead generation code…

…It can be a lonely place.



Every week, I speak with coaches and consultants who are on a similar path to where I was years ago.

(Even those, using newer social media channels like Instagram & TikTiok)


Frustrated, doubting, questioning whether or not social media is even worth it, which platform should I be posting on…

…and how to stay focused without getting distracted and lost in the news feed scrolling.


There are many different solutions on the market…


~ hiring a social media VA (abdicate your message)

~ copying something similar to a competitor (plagiarism?)

~ outsourcing it to someone else (no creative ownership)

~ create “as and when” you feel like it (no consistency)

~ blitz it in one full day of copywriting & video recording (brain overload 🤯)

~ download someone else’s free content ideas lead magnet and get inspired


~ and on and on.


However, when I look at what actually worked for me.

It was this…

…I spent the time getting to understand my niche

(the psychographics, emotions & empathy) 

and then communicating that message.


So that my niche would see themselves in my message, and eventually decide to take me up on my call to actions.

Mainly, because I spoke to their desires and helped them to see a way past their problems.


Don’t get me wrong, at first it was hard.

Sitting myself down for 30-60 mins to plan a 10-15 minute video.

Or spending hours constructing a blog or long-form social media post.


And, this is where the answer came to me.


As I stayed consistent.

I started to see a pattern in what content worked.

The kind of content that got me engagement, leads and prospects.

And, then CLIENTS!


I soon figured out what I needed to post after live streaming over 300 times and publishing over 400 podcast interviews.


It was this data that became my strategy.

(learning the cues to influence my niche to take action)


Kinda like what Robert Cialdini speak about in his book “Influence”…

…Automatic Triggers: We are wired to respond predictably to certain cues.


That, in turn, became my predictable way to get clients.


Now, this strategy has become something I teach my clients.

I call it my 6-Week Content Rhythm™…


It’s so simple yet powerful.



Because you end up using the same content week after week for 6 weeks.

And, it gets you RESULTS.

Leads, prospects & CLIENTS

(I know you’re thinking really! the exact same thing? – YES!)


Most of the time coaches are focused on the wrong thing when it comes to marketing.

They want something new, because to them their current content, webinar, email marketing or VSL is old.


However, what you must understand is this.

If your niche still have the same problem that you can help them fix.

With the same related frustrations and desires.

Then your content is never old.


It’s simply down to cues and TIMING.⏳

(when they see it)


So as you pump out the same rhythmic message week after week, eventually, the timing is JUST RIGHT.


And, it connects with your next new lead.


If you’ve ever read the popular book the ONE THING

You’ll understand this concept better.


Being successful is about simplicity.

Removing complexity.


Overkill social media content that gets you nowhere is a distraction.


As the author of the book states:

“The path of mastering something is the combination of not only doing the best you can do at it, but also doing it the best it can be done.”


So by using the 6-week Rhythm constantly, after 8 cycles you have effectively created a year’s worth of content!

That you update and improve with every 6 weeks, making it the best that your niche will come across!


And as I pushed through my first 2 cycles of my 6 Week Content Rhythm.

(90 days)


The results came pouring in…



I was racking up leads in no time.


My clients started testing it.

✅~ Janine picked up 800 leads in 3-days on Social media

✅~ Douaine pulled in 50 leads from Instagram in 48 hours and converted that into $24k

✅~ Ashish attracted 700 leads in 3-days from Facebook with no ads.


That’s right all from content posted on social media.

Using my 6-Week Content Rhythm™ method!


Now I don’t even have to think about what to publish on social media.


Because I have the data, templates and content that shows me what works and what does not work continually.


Tomorrow I will be announcing how to get my

“6-Week Content Rhythm” worksheet.


That works when you’re posting content to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok etc.


Especially if you’re an established Coach looking to break through to $20k+/month


> Absolutely FREE <

If you’d like early-bird access simply comment

➡ “6-Week” below. 👇


And, I will send you the access link.


Speak soon,




Leon “Content Rhythm” Streete

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