How to Enrol a Constant Stream of High Paying Clients Following just 3 Simple Strategies

//How to Enrol a Constant Stream of High Paying Clients Following just 3 Simple Strategies

If you’ve been scratching your head wondering…

“How do I get a constant stream of high paying clients?”

Then what I share in this post will be the most important information you’ll read in your career


The problem you have is knowing exactly where to start and what to do first, to ensure you can start enrolling clients on a consistent bases.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and you can see why many coaches, consultants & experts fail and the remaining either quit or make less than £20K per year.

So, In this article you’re going to discover 3 simple strategies you need to follow that will help you make the shift to deliver more value and the best part, have greater control of your time and the income you generate through your expert business.


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The Old Method Vs the New Super Online Method?

Before we get into the three things you need to know to get consistent stream of high paying clients, we need to explore The Old Method VS New “Super Online” Method

The reason so many coaches are flocking to the internet right now is because it’s clear to see that it’s super leveraged. You can build fully automated businesses online and attract your ideal client.

Countless amounts of people have proven that online marketing works. However, for vast majority of coaches & consultants, they find it extremely difficult to find success using online methods.

The Reason: They’ve been misled to believe that creating simple websites, landing pages and driving traffic to them is all that needs to be done, to get endless amounts of clients, customers, leads and cash flow.

This old school method of…

  1. Set up an ad via “Facebook”
  2. Drive traffic to your landing page/opt in page
  3. Prospects opt in to see a sales page and purchase
  4. The prospect is now a customer/client and you make money

…just does not work like it used to.

This way of attracting clients/customers is dated and near enough obsolete, your potential clients are more resistant than ever.

You need to discover how to use the “New way of marketing”, so your potential prospects don’t feel that sceptical when deciding to take up your offers

Everything from your marketing messages, brand & the way you sell your products or service must create a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for your prospects.

This will build massive amounts of TrustAuthority and Credibility in your industry.

Below I’m going to map out exactly what you must work on first, second and then last to ensure your marketing efforts aren’t in vain any more.

1. Pillars of Positioning

Here’s how you lay the foundations to getting paid by the thousands per client…

Preparation is the proverbial key to success.

Imagine a lawyer when trying a case, they have to do extensive research so they possess all the facts to have any chance of winning, there is no difference – you also have to fully understand what makes your potential customers & prospect tick by finding a compelling combination of messages alongside irresistible offer.

Therefore, get knee deep in the research.

Excitement and enthusiasm alone is not enough to get a client or customer.

You need to ensure you have an air tight emotional and logical case when presenting and that starts with identifying your prospect and defining their problems.

Doing this ensures you will be seen as figure of authority in your niche, and why is that important?

Being seen as a figure of authority is important because your prospects scepticism is at an all-time high.

Part of your potential prospects buying decisions are based on who they trust and the way they see you in terms of “can this person help me?”.

If you’ve researched and done the digging on what your prospects core problems are then standing out among all the noise in the jungle, known as the expert space, is easy.

Who are they & Where Do They Hang Out?

What niche/audience are you aiming to serve?

One of the biggest mistakes a coach can make is saying “my service helps everyone” or saying “I just love to help people.

This is the death of the majority of coaches & consultants?

If you sell yourself as trying to help everyone, your message becomes very diluted.

Think of it like this, you have your GP (general practitioner) otherwise known as Doctor, V.S. a Specialist Neurosurgeon.

Now although both are doctors, the difference is the general practitioner deals with anyone and everyone, with minor problems and most of the time the problems aren’t that severe.

To top it off they also deal with all the hypochondriacs that would never pay for treatment if push came to shove because the patient’s problems were never that serious to begin with.

Whereas the neurosurgeon only see’s people with major & specific problems because they offer major solutions catered to that exact issue.

The people that seek out these specialists need help and solutions with their nervous system meaning if they don’t seek the exact person that can help them get the problem fixed, it could lead to major issues in life.

So, after pondering on that brief analogy, who do you want to be now, the GP or neurosurgeon of your niche?

It’s the difference between becoming an Authority/Expert who’s able to charge high ticket and just another person who’s excited to start a business.

Once you’ve identified who they are (Who you want to be working with) then we can find out where these people hang out.

For example, where do these people hang out on Facebook and what are they typing when searching for answers on Google or YouTube?

This is paramount to ensure you know where to place trust building content that enables your specific target audience to find you and TRUST you.

Defining their problems & creating solutions

Spending time researching the issues your target market face will help you construct relevant content and build trust in the market place.

There’s a number of ways you can do this exercise…


  1. Take a good look in the mirror

A lot of the time coaches & consultants resonate with helping a certain group of people because you may have been part of that target audience in your past & experienced the pains that come with it.

In this case, you need to do a serious audit on yourself, making sure you uncover what your biggest challenges were.

Nine times out of ten, you find that all the answers you seek are within you so get digging.

Get four A4 pieces of paper and title each of them with the following four headlines & start describing everything associated with what they mean…

  • Wants (Meaning, what were the things you wanted to figure out when facing immediate obstacles)
  • Frustrations (Meaning, what specific challenges stumped you when facing those immediate obstacles)
  • Fears (Meaning, What were your biggest fears that surfaced at the thought of not achieving your goal)
  • Aspirations (Meaning, What were the things you dreamed of achieving when thinking about success)

This is no trivial activity, the benefits once you’ve identified your perfect prospects include knowing exactly how to put together your marketing campaigns so you’re no longer randomly hoping someone buys into you and your products/services…


  1. Ask the audience aka go straight to the horse’s mouth

There’s nothing better than going straight to someone who identifies themselves as a potential prospect and just asking them what their biggest challenges are.

You may have an existing e-mail list, you may already have a following on social media or know of a group of people that meet your target audience. If this is the case go out and either interview the individuals or send a survey asking questions based around those same four subject groups above

Once you’ve collated all this data we can then move on towards the next major piece to the puzzle. You’re going to put this into a solid marketing campaign that provides a unique learning experience for your potentials prospects to reduce scepticism.

2. Funnel Theory, “The New Way of Marketing”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone has helped you out massively? When it comes to you returning the favour, you naturally feel obliged to help right!

What most coaches & consultants are doing online is walking up to potential customers and asking them to be their clients. That’s like walking up to someone wanting to date them and asking if they’d like sex on the first date!

Using marketing funnels is not about deceiving people, it’s about Helping people. We must build a relationship and trust with potential clients.

We need to manage the scepticism of the prospect, scale risk and build trust. This is why the old-school methods of just building out a basic marketing campaign & networking at events to hustle clients (The old school strategy), is outdated and simply doesn’t work over longer periods of time.

Based on the research you have done on your target audience, which is broken down in the section above titled “Pillars of Positioning” we now need to take the challenges we have identified and piece them out across a marketing campaign so it provides a learning experience for the prospect rather than making them feel they’re being sold to.

Here are the steps we must consider when piecing our content together, as we go down the list the risk the prospect is taking increases but so does the level of trust the prospect builds with you.

  1. Free – Free applies to anything that doesn’t require the prospect to opt in. This is low risk trust building content. This can be content such as free videos via social media & blog articles.
  2. Hooks – Hooks require an opt in but deliver additional information based of the “FREE” content consumed. It enables prospects to continue learning with you building more trust. These can be E-books, cheat sheets or reports.
  3. Video Series/Surveys/In depth E-Books – These are for those prospects that are ready to invest more time learning from you because you have helped them identify key problems & they feel your content is a sure bet to help them fix them. It’s a great way to lower any further scepticism and build high amounts of trust.
  4. Webinars (Online Workshops)/Seminars – These obviously require high levels of trust to attend as they require prospects to spend hours of their time with you or sometimes days. It’s also a great place to build trust, credibility & position you as a credible figure of authority.
  5. Bridge – These are discovery sessions to find out if what you offer is a good fit for potential prospects. This requires high amounts of trust to be present with you and the prospect. (we will dive into this in more depth coming up).

Taking what you’ve discovered about the prospect during research and piecing together solutions following those five steps are crucial to lowering the scepticism of your prospect, building trust and providing a UNIQUE LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

This will position you to generate endless amounts of targeted leads that trust you.

Knowing this and implementing this is the difference between success and failure in the expert space of today.

The final step to really understand and look at is taking a more in depth look at number five of the steps above “The Bridge”. You’ll need to create using the steps below a template to increase client conversions when on these bridge calls with prospects or all the work done will have been for nothing. Following the steps below will guarantee you’re closing high ticket sales consistently.


3. Bridge Calls, Selling High Ticket Products & Services

One of the key fundamentals to offering high ticket items is having a high converting telephone script tailored towards the specific audience you serve. These bridge calls are also known as discovery sessions to help you find out if the prospect or customer is a right fit for your high end services.

You may be thinking “you can’t read from a script because it doesn’t sound authentic”. The script simply acts as a guideline to ensure you’re offering what you have too the right person because selling to people that do not need what you have is unethical.

It also serves as a way to ensure you close 80% of your prospects that come through your marketing campaign.

Without it you are seriously damaging your conversion ratio…

Because I cannot determine your exact niche to tailor your script to a specific audience. I will give you the outline so you get an idea of what a script should look like.

The great news is that you do not need to be a high rolling sales person to do these calls… All that’s required is the ability to have an intelligent conversation.

All the scripts are built around the AIDA principle.

AIDA is an acronym meaning Attention, Interest, Desire & Action.

Following each step will give you the understanding and ability to build out your script.


Whenever you pick up the phone to a prospect, studies show you have 4 seconds to capture their attention & establish that you’re someone who cares and can help them. You must share the best version of you.

The reason this is vital is because people have been bombarded with tele-sales calls, so when people get calls they are short circuited to zone out if their attention isn’t captured.

Don’t get tarred with the same brush because of a bad day you may have had, bring some charisma, flair and enthusiasm to the phone call. It’s all about leading from the heart and being excited to serve them.

Bring the prospect into your world, you know they are in pain and are looking for answers to their frustrations so share your enthusiasm to help them with your tonality.

Say “Hi”, introduce yourself, and ask if you’re speaking to the right person.

After that reconfirm the reason for the call and let them know you’re excited to help.

Spend no more than 1-5 minutes asking how they are and how they’ve found the content that’s lead them to the call. Once this is done you can move forward to the next stage of the AIDA model. This is a very crucial step that sets up the rest of the call so please don’t overlook it.



This is all about establishing the lead, learning more about your prospect to establish whether they’re someone you can help or not.

Never assume everyone is a right for your products or service, reassure them that if you can help you will do your best.

Ask good questions around their life/business and deep dive into these three areas…

  1. Current situation
  2. Future
  3. Roadblocks between them

The key here is to build on your relationship with the prospect so bring massive amounts of empathy to the call.

Do not fall into the coaching trap at this point no matter what you discover. Hold fire until you’ve learnt as much as you can about the three areas above. It’s about questions at this stage not solutions.

Once you’ve done this you will have gathered enough information on whether this is a person you can help, never be afraid to send someone away because you can’t help them.

It will be the best thing you could have done because when they do require your help, they’ll come back to you and appreciate you didn’t make them buy something they didn’t need.

If they do qualify you can move forward.



This is where you summarise what they’ve told you to make sure you’ve not missed anythingYou should have been taking notes each step of the way. Play everything back to them before diagnosing what their problems are and what they should do to fix them.

After this we can then diagnose the problems we have identified. At this stage the prospect is aware they have problems but doesn’t know exactly what they are. Focus on letting them know exactly what the issues are they are unable to clearly see to shed light on the situation then elaborate “why” they are problems.

Once they know “why” they have the problems, add value to the situation by focusing on the “what”. Let them know what they need to be focusing on to get these issues fixed. Don’t go into the “how”, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm them.

They are just learning where they’re going wrong for the first time, so lightly prescribe what they need to do as a doctor would when prescribing medication. This will avoid overwhelm.


After providing value and enlightening the prospect on what they need to do, check in with them and ask them if it all makes sense.

Use what we call a trial close instead of prematurely suggesting they need to invest in your services straight away after establishing their core issues.

Ask them if they agree with the suggestions you’ve made and whether they’re clear on what they need to focus on. A trial close can simply be “How does that Sound?”

If they agree with your suggestions after asking the trial close question, then you can move forward and transition into the actual close and offer your services as they’re more likely to buy because they’ve identified you as a person that can help.

This decision is based on logic and emotion, they’ve identified you as someone that cares, can help and has a clear solution so be confident when asking for the order.

The prospect will pick up on lack of confidence when asking for the order and closing so be sure the follow the steps outlined above, be sold on what you do and the outcome you offer people.

If after asking them a trial close such as “How does that sound?” they didn’t quite follow your suggestions when diagnosing and declaring, then loop back asking them where they’d like you to shed more light for them to feel 100% confident in your fact find & suggestions you make.

Once you’ve got clarity on what needed clearing up & you’ve done so, proceed into the trial close once again and transition into asking for the order confidently.

Remember, the call is about helping them get to a stage that they know fully what they need to work on so when you offer the solutions through your products or services you offer it’s a logical step to take based on how they feel about getting what they want.


There we have it, you’ve discovered step by step the three areas that must be worked on and planned out to ensure you don’t end up part of the 19% of coaches, consultants and trainers that end up failing or just scraping by financially.

1.    Pillars of positioning

If you haven’t already, get to work and find out who exactly your target market is, where they hang out, identify their problems and start defining solutions to ensure you enter the market with credibility and authority.

2.    Funnel Theory, “The New Way Of Marketing”

Next, start piecing together your findings across your marketing campaign to ensure you manage scepticism, build credibility and create a UNIQUE LEARNING EXPERIENCE for those that come across your content

3.    Bridge Calls, Selling High Ticket Products & Services

Using the AIDA formula and the steps laid out so you’re not selling but having intelligent conversations with potential clients.

If you take the time to follow the steps, create awesome, relevant, valuable content for your market you deserve to be successful.

You now have an abundance of strategies to leverage & ensure success, generate more leads and get a constant stream of high paying clients for your coaching/consulting/training business.

It’s time to go EXECUTE!

Would you like help implementing these strategies into your business?

We understand how overwhelming it can be to go and execute on these strategies & understand there are many experts who need a little guidance on where to start with this entire process.

If that’s you click here to book a 15 minute discovery session so we can help point you in the right direction if we feel it’s right we can work closely with you to help you start getting a constant stream of high paying clients within the next 30-90 days.

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