The 3M Tri Factor Marketing Principle

//The 3M Tri Factor Marketing Principle


Hi, it’s Robert Dene Smith the First, aka the marketing manifest guy helping business connect the dots with their marketing and getting massive breakthroughs. In today’s blog, I want to share with you a big, important lesson on marketing which sometimes goes undetected in business for years and years and years.

That big marketing lesson is what I call the three M trifecta marketing principle. It’s one that is very, very foundational, but as i said sometimes gets missed. It reminds me, o sometimes when I go in and do audits and I look at companies and I think, “They’re missing that and they’re missing this. This is why they’re losing tens of thousands of pounds because they haven’t got all these dots, all these three Ms connected together.”

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It’s probably another reason why we have statistics like 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. Why do 80% of businesses now close in 5 years? Is it because they’re on the capitalize? Is it that they haven’t done their research properly? 9 times out of 10, it’s because they haven’t got enough of the right type of clients and customers in their database paying them on time. I want to fix that for you. Once you understand these 3 foundational principles, you will them go about your marketing in a whole different manner which will lead to greater, and greater success for you. That’s my promise that you’ll get out of this blog post.


Let’s look at what we want to do. As I said, I want to help you connect the dots between these 3 Ms, what I call the marketing trifecta. The first M that you have to understand is … The big question you have to ask yourself is what market are you in? Sometimes I go into business and I’m like, “What do you do?” “I’m a builder.” “Great, what market are you in?” “well, I build houses or I go in and do repairs, I do maintenance.” This is the first key thing. You can’t be all things to all people.

You should look at specialism. Identify your specialism and marketing that specialism to the marketplace. When you do that properly, that first M, you get a pop scenario, pocket of profit. You get a pocket of profit that you can go out with.


I think it’s vitally important. You have some builders that say, “I’m a general builder.” You have some builders that say, “I specialize in home extensions.” You have a builder that says, “I specialize in doing gardens” but you’re not a builder if you do gardens because you see people that build and lay patios. They’re all things to all people. What you have to really do is segment a part of the market that you want, that is profitable, that you can do excellent work in and get excellent recommendations. That’s the first thing that really really going deep and understanding the market that you want to go after.


For example, if i was a builder, I would find out what is that profitable part of the building trade? If I was a residential builder that I would want. Let’s say I might want to go after loft conversions because that can be quite profitable done correctly. That’s what I would specialize and get known for. The second thing that I would do if I were Bob the Builder specializing in doing loft conversions is I would also pick a couple [inaudible [00:03:50] that I know that those home owners be able to afford the kind of fee or the kind of building project fees that you want to charge and also have a need. They may be a young in the area where they’re in between a young family and they’re going to need to extend. There’s ways of doing research for all those things. You might want folks in an area where you want to be in a better school catchment. All these things become part of your market research.


Another thing, apart from doing your pop, you want to do some research. There’s ways of doing the research. There’s loads of way of doing the research on Google, on Facebook, getting lists. There’s tremendous amounts of ways. The first thing to determine is who are you looking to serve. That is your market.


The second M we have here in the trifecta series is Message. The easiest way to look for the message is … There’s two messages that you have to really understand. One, what is the thought going in happening in the mind of your perspective buyer. What are they thinking about when they’re about to engage with your services? What steps will they take to contact a company like you. What you want to do is reverse that, turn that on your head and find out what messages that you want to present to them and in what manner? What phraseology. You, for example, are a builder who wants an extension. What’s the possible reason for somebody wanting an extensions? Not really an extension, a loft conversion, which is a form of extension.

It’s probably because they want more room because they’re going to move either to having an addition to the family. They might have an elder relative that they want to move in. They’re going to take a space upstairs. It may be that they’re renting a part of the house or converting it so they’re going to rent more rooms in their home. There’s always a reason. You have to think what of those reasons and then address that in your marketing.


For example, you could put an advert of Google add words “need more space in your house? Blah blah blah.” Give them the reason, need more space in your house because you’re expecting a little one? You’re going to resonate  with that pocket of profit with that individual. That is what’s important. You have to get your messaging right. You’ll probably have several messages. For extensions for that market, I would definitely use something like … We’ll talk about that in a short while. I’ll talk about some of the mediums where I would use or look to promote my business. You have to get the message right. You’ll probably have several messages.


Then you have to get the media. What’s the media? Once you know the pain and pleasure points and you’ve got several messages nailed down that you want to get out to the marketplace, then you have to pick your medium or media. Are you going to market in something like Facebook? Are you going to market on Google? Are you going to market in a traditional newspaper? Are you going to market on radio? You’ve got some options there. You have to work out the dynamics of your clients and then pick the relevant media to promote that message. You have to pick the relevant media to promote that message, get that message out there.


You have to do something that I would call “Be Native.” We’ll explain more about that in the blog. Be native in those areas. Just to recap, you have to pick a specific market. In that market, you’ll find a pocket of people which will be a pocket of profit. You have to do enough research so that you get the kind of messages that you want to then advertise your services in the right way to connect with your audience or your perspective clients in the right way.

Once you get that connection, obviously what will happen is the phone will eventually ring. They’ll probably end up on a website of yours. If you’re doing something online, they’ll probably end up on a website of yours. There will be a phone number. They’ll make a call or there will be an inquiry form on your website and they’ll make an inquiry.


Once you put these 3 M trifecta in place properly, you can systematize that in a way that you can predictably on a week to week basis how many new leads you’re going to get. You can then move into a situation where you eventually go out and see them which can then move into a position from lead to presentation to them becoming your clients. You’re going to build up that cycle of leads, presentations, to the sale. Those are the 3 key ingredients to understanding your market, message and media.

That is the pillar of having a successful  marketing campaign. Until next time. I will see you on the other side. Shoot into the blogs. There will be another one that will follow up on the 3 M principle trifecta marketing.


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