Discover How Business Owners Stuck under the £150,000 a year level, Are Getting Real Support For Marketing Success,
Without Hype or Overwhelm...

From the desk of Leon Streete
30/12/2017 10:23am

Dear Friend,

Would you like a predictable flow of high-calibre prospects call YOU and working hard to convince you to accept them?


🤔 You-know… Dream prospects who already know what your opportunity is all about?


>> Getting prospects to Call YOU is easy… If you know the best kept marketing secret…

~ Maybe you too have found that marketing is getting tougher and more expensive to do.

~ You have to create so much, build a predictable marketing system and really be different from the masses of competitors who exist in your market. 😫

~ Although it’s possible that you may be in that happy minority already having great marketing results. But you’re still not where you want to be. Perhaps sick of working 50+ hour 🕰 weeks keeping things running.

~ You see, success at getting plenty of qualified prospects has a lot more to do with understanding marketing strategy and little to do with the latest tactic or trending social media tool 🛠

~ Whether you’re a new or established business owner sitting under the 6 figure mark, you will love to never again talk to anyone who hasn’t qualified themselves to your standards first! 🙌

🥇 The top 1% of Business Owners who’ve made it, your competitors, use this marketing strategy that has until now evaded you.


+++ The Truth Is... Building A Multi-6 or 7 Figure Business without an "In-the-Know" Someone, who is there to guide you, is not easy. +++


Building a real business, at times, is not easy. And a successful "mentor", or a "coach" can sure make it easier.

And that's why I'm here to help... I want to show you the easy way - the right way to Build it... Market It... And Set It All Up, so you really, honestly work less and make more.

>> Now there’s a new, 100% measurable 📈 replacement for old-fashioned Business Marketing!

~ Imagine how different life would be in you only ever talked to prospects who called you, those who looked at you as the authority in your market and were eagerly anticipating your opportunity (product or service).

👌 > Do you think you’d feel more successful?

👌 > That you’d be able to finally show people your full potential?

👌 > That you’d hear people talking about you in a positive way

👌 > And that life would appear brighter?


>>>> This is no pipedream! <<<<

~ Look - if you're serious about building a business that will set you free - both financially and in time - you need to take a careful look at becoming the newest member of my "Vortex Coaching Programme".

💡 ~ My “Vortex Coaching Programme" will give you the Step-By-Step roadmap you need to Market a Business that can bring you the Freedom, Prosperity, and Abundance You Truly Deserve...

When you’re on the programme you have access to our exclusive membership academy with 6 power modules;

➡️ 1) 3M’s – Discovering Your Market, Message and Media

➡️ 2) POP – Positioning You as the “Go-To” Authority Even In Competitive Markets.

➡️ 3) The BIG Hook – How to finally capture leads who chase you down with Irresistible Offers.

➡️ 4) Content Factory – The Exact Method to Create Emotionally Engaging Content, Programmes & Services using the EBM Formula

➡️ 5) RTA – How to find the right Prospects Online. 10x Marketing & Lead Gen.

➡️ 6) Tech Solved – Finally, remove the technology headache and overwhelm. Websites, Funnels & Email Automation unravelled.

Carefully crafted Marketing & Sales training, copy & paste scripts, “how to’s”, videos, audio, pdf’s, templates and much more.

==> During the initial 8 week break-through period you have;

🔥 1 - Direct access to me and my team as we help you build a marketing system,

🔥 2 - Take care of the marketing strategy,

🔥 3 - Technology integration solved

🔥 4 - Correct any past bad experiences you’ve had with marketing.


#### Proof-Positive ####

"In my first Coaching Group there were 30 clients. After implementing what they learned (exactly what you're going to learn), and after just a few short months..."

"Collectively they now have a marketing system that brought in results; leads, prospects and real cash."


☑ Pin Binning, “when I first came to Leon I ran a normal solo-preneur business, just me working 60+ hours a week. Then after going through the Vortex Programme I now have 19 other people and my income is better than ever. From one marketing strategy I have now pulled in over £50,000 in four months.”


☑ Christy Rutherford, “My main problem was I wasn’t talking to my market and my messaging wasn’t right. Now, I’ve hit a milestone moment, I’ve just sold my first high value programme at $3997. Thank you!”


☑ Bernardo Moya, "I increased attendance to my event by 473% leading to revenues of £19,000 for my coaching Programme. Wow!"


These are Just a Taste of the Testimonials that Have Been Flooding Into My Office Since Launching My Vortex Coaching Program - It's Simply Proof-Positive That If These People Can Do It, So Can You. In fact, you have my word that you can do it!

~~~~ Guaranteed ️🏆 ~~~~

Here’s my 30 day guarantee… Apply today, and once accepted. Go Through All The Weekly Training, Join All The Coaching Calls, Use All The Resources, Take Action & Implement the Work (You have to be able to show this).

And if for ANY REASON You Are Not Happy, Just Let Me Know And I will give you all your money back.


🤤 Imagine removing all of the stumbling blocks you’re facing, finally creating a marketing system that allowed you to earn more, serve more clients and give you the life-style you’ve set your sights on…

>> Well this is it.


+++ Here's How You Can Get Phenomenal Results For Your Business Right Now.

Once You Apply To Enrol On The Vortex Coaching Programme. +++


~ Due to the “in-the-trenches ⛏ hands-on approach”, I am very particular about the clients we take on, which means we can only work with ten business owners.

~ So if you’re ready to crack the marketing secret and increase your business results, you’ll have to complete an application, which will be personally reviewed by me. The application link is here...

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~ Only if you’re approved at that stage will you be invited for a phone call interview.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you on the programme.


Leon “Vortex Coaching” Streete.


PS - The Vortex Course will Undoubtedly Bridge Your Knowledge and Earning Gap Plus take you into the inner circle of 6-7 figure earners.


PPS – When you join you have immediate access to 4 Business Boosting Bonuses.

1 - Free Monthly Coaching Calls for 12 months.

2 - Full Access To Interviews with Modern Day “A” Players in marketing and business.

3 - The Vortex Underground Mavericks Facebook Group, this is worth its weight in informational gold... The stuff we share inside this group is cutting edge.

4 – How To Sell High Value & Maintain Your Integrity.

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